Borio and Zöllner’s BIS journey ends by 2024.

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  • Claudio Borio, head of the monetary and economic department at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), will retire at the end of 2024 after more than 35 years at the institution.
  • Peter Zöllner, head of the banking department at the BIS, will step down in May.

Claudio Borio and Peter Zöllner, two senior officials at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), have announced their retirement. Borio, who currently serves as the head of the monetary and economic department, will leave the BIS at the end of the year after a career spanning more than 35 years at the institution. Zöllner, head of the banking department, will step down in May. The BIS has yet to announce successors for both positions.

Borio has held various roles at the BIS over the years and played a key role in shaping the development of monetary policy. He has been a leading figure in advocating for a return to more traditional principles of central banking, with an emphasis on price stability and the role of money in the economy. Borio is also known for his research on financial stability and the relationship between monetary policy and financial markets.

Zöllner has been with the BIS since 1993 and has been responsible for overseeing the banking activities of central banks. He has played a crucial role in promoting sound banking practices and strengthening the resilience of the global banking system. During his tenure, Zöllner has been instrumental in developing and implementing international standards for banking supervision and regulation.

The departure of Borio and Zöllner will mark a significant change in leadership at the BIS. Both officials have played important roles in shaping the institution’s policy agenda and have contributed to its reputation as a leading authority on central banking and financial stability. Their retirement will provide an opportunity for new leadership to take the helm and continue the BIS’s work in promoting monetary and financial stability.

Overall, the retirement of Claudio Borio and Peter Zöllner from the BIS will have a significant impact on the institution’s leadership and policy direction. Both officials have been influential in shaping the BIS’s work on monetary policy, banking supervision, and financial stability. Their departures will pave the way for new leaders to take on these important roles and continue the BIS’s mission of promoting global monetary and financial stability.

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