Tech and talent: the banking equation for innovation’s prosperity.

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The relationship between emerging technology and talent is complex, and organizations must carefully consider how they navigate this landscape according to a panel of experts. The article highlights several key points in relation to this topic. Arthur Leung, chief product officer at Shawbrook Bank, believes that aligning with the firm’s CTO has been crucial in integrating new technology. Johnnie Ball, chief data officer at OakNorth, believes that generative AI tools are so accessible nowadays that simpler tasks can be done with no infrastructure required. Victoria Newton, chief product officer at Engine by Starling, emphasizes the importance of clear use cases when adopting new technology. She states that organizations need to understand what they are trying to achieve. Anne-Marie Lister, chief people officer at Atom Bank, is a proponent of allowing employees to experiment as a way of skill development and talent attraction. Matt Holt, chief strategy officer at Digitas, suggests investing in junior roles that provide room for development as a means of future-proofing the organization. The article also highlights the importance of building a culture of innovation, trust, and respect to foster successful digital transformation.

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