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  • Bankjoy and nCino announce new partnerships in the fintech industry
  • Significant funding and collaboration news in payments, lending, open banking, wealth management, and financial education

In a rapid review of weekly news in the fintech industry, Bankjoy and nCino made headlines with new partnerships. Emporia State Federal Credit Union launched a new app through its partnership with Bankjoy, while Desjardins partnered with nCino to enhance lending through its Automated Spreading Solution. In the payments sector, AccessPay secured $24 million in financing, NX Technologies raised $23.8 million in Series B funding, and Stripe collaborated with Amazon to power payments in Australia and Canada. MENA-based HyperPay also inked a partnership with Capital Bank. Open banking platform Link Money partnered with Silicon Valley Bank to improve ACH processing, while wealth-building platform Belong secured $3.7 million in pre-seed funding. FundGuard raised $100 million in Series C funding for its multi-asset class investment accounting platform, and Goalsetter closed a $9.6 million Series A extension round for its wealth building and financial education platform.

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