Top tech picks for the future – UBS selects AI, Healthtech

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  • UBS has identified AI, cybersecurity, health tech, Greentech, and fintech as sectors with the potential for significant growth.
  • 29 companies, including McKesson Corp, Baidu, Stryker, ASML Holding, and Broadcom, are expected to outperform the market due to positive structural trends.

In a recent report, UBS highlighted the sectors that are likely to drive the future of tech innovation, including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, health tech, Greentech, and fintech. The bank identified 29 companies that are expected to experience superior earnings growth compared to the market, driven by positive and durable structural trends. Some of the companies on UBS’ list include McKesson Corp, Baidu, Stryker, ASML Holding, and Broadcom. This report aligns with recent developments in the tech industry, emphasizing the importance of AI and semiconductor companies in driving future growth. Despite differing opinions in the industry, UBS’s picks suggest that these sectors may indeed dominate the future of tech.

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