3 Fintech Stocks for Cashless Payment Trend Acceleration.

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Key Points:

  • American Express (AXP) saw a 17% dividend hike and reported year-over-year revenue and earnings growth.
  • Nu Holdings (NU) is a rapidly growing Brazilian bank with a significant increase in net income and customer base.
  • Moody’s (MCO) experienced revenue growth and hiked its dividend, showing strong financial performance.

In a constantly changing financial landscape, fintech companies continue to thrive due to the demand for money-related services. This article highlights three fintech stocks to buy as the cashless payment trend accelerates. American Express (AXP) offers a strong dividend yield and steady growth in revenue and earnings. Nu Holdings (NU) is a rapidly growing Brazilian bank attracting millions of new customers and experiencing significant net income growth. Moody’s (MCO) is a financial risk management firm showing strong financial growth and incorporating generative AI technology. These three stocks present opportunities for long-term investors in the evolving fintech industry.

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