Company sends FinTech Mission to Japan 2024, unveiling exciting plans

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TLDR: Sends Company Plans to Participate in the UK FinTech Mission to Japan 2024

Sends Company, a leading fintech firm, has announced its plans to participate in the UK FinTech Mission to Japan in March 2024. The mission, organized by the Department for Business and Trade Japan team, aims to facilitate networking and collaboration between key fintech players from the UK and Japan. The event will include briefings, networking sessions, and meetings with the Japanese government, businesses, venture capitalists, and associations.

The United Kingdom, known for its financial services expertise and tech talent, is a major player in the global fintech landscape. Japan, on the other hand, has been rapidly embracing digital transformation in its financial services sector. Sends Company sees great potential in collaborating with Japanese fintech representatives, as the country has a reputation for innovation. The bilateral exchange of experience is expected to bring the best solutions for clients and businesses.

One of the key shareholders of Sends Company is Alona Shevtsova, a prominent businesswoman and active participant in the Ukrainian and UK fintech communities. Shevtsova highlights the importance of collaboration between London and Tokyo, stating that both cities are leading centers for fintech development. With several Japanese financial institutions and technology companies already present in London, the UK and Japan are natural partners for fostering fintech success and industry growth.

Main Takeaways

  • Sends Company plans to participate in the UK FinTech Mission to Japan in March 2024.
  • The mission aims to foster collaboration and networking between UK and Japanese fintech players.
  • The United Kingdom and Japan are both recognized for their fintech leadership and digital transformation strategies.
  • Sends Company believes that the exchange of experience with Japanese fintech representatives will bring the best solutions for clients and businesses.
  • Alona Shevtsova, a shareholder of Sends Company, emphasizes the importance of collaboration between London and Tokyo in driving fintech industry growth.

The mission will provide UK firms with an opportunity to learn more about Japan’s fintech market, pitch to potential partners in the Japanese financial services sector, and engage in productive discussions with Japanese financial institutions. In addition to the mission, Sends Company also plans to participate in the ICE London Conference 2024, where they will showcase their offerings and engage with industry stakeholders.

Sends Company, operating under the trade name SMARTFLOW PAYMENTS LIMITED, is a registered fintech company in England and Wales.

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