Gen Z digs ‘loud budgeting’ — the finance hype you’d imagine

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TLDR: “Loud budgeting” is the latest financial trend among Gen Z, where individuals openly discuss their financial situation and the parameters they’ve set for themselves to reach their goals. This trend is seen as a way to combat the stress and anxiety many young adults face when it comes to managing their finances. By talking openly about money, Gen Z is pushing back against the stigma surrounding financial struggles and creating a supportive community focused on responsible financial choices. “Loud budgeting” is a contrast to the previous trend of “quiet luxury,” where expensive and understated elegance was idolized. The trend also reflects the broader financial stress felt by Americans, with many individuals feeling overwhelmed by their finances and struggling to keep up with inflation. However, “loud budgeting” provides a platform for celebrating responsible financial choices and finding ways to live within one’s means.+

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