What’s Up AVL This week: Finance Budget Manager and Data Specialist

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  • The City of Asheville’s bi-monthly radio show, “What’s Up AVL,” features interviews with city staff and departments to inform the community about projects and initiatives.
  • This week’s episode features Finance Budget Manager Taylor Floyd and Data Specialist Natalie Bailey discussing the budget process and opportunities for resident input.

Finance Budget Manager Taylor Floyd and Data Specialist Natalie Bailey are featured guests on the City of Asheville’s bi-monthly radio show, “What’s Up AVL.” The show aims to provide the community with insights into city staff and departments and their ongoing projects. In this episode, Floyd and Bailey discuss the budget process and the different ways residents can contribute to it.

The show’s hosts, Sam, Taylor, and Natalie, delve into the details of the budget process, highlighting its importance in determining the city’s financial priorities and allocating resources. They emphasize that the budget is not just a financial document but also a reflection of the city’s values and goals. Therefore, it is crucial for residents to have a say in shaping the budget to ensure it aligns with their needs and aspirations.

Floyd and Bailey also discuss the various opportunities for resident input in the budget process. They mention public hearings and meetings where residents can share their opinions and suggestions, as well as online platforms and surveys that offer a convenient way to participate. They stress the value of diverse perspectives and encourage all residents to get involved and make their voices heard.

If listeners miss the live broadcast of “What’s Up AVL,” they can catch replays of the show on weekdays from 12:30-1:00 p.m. Additionally, previous episodes of the show can be found on the City of Asheville’s YouTube channel.

Overall, the episode featuring Finance Budget Manager Taylor Floyd and Data Specialist Natalie Bailey sheds light on the budget process and emphasizes the importance of resident involvement. By providing information about opportunities for input and encouraging community engagement, the City of Asheville aims to ensure that the budget reflects the needs and desires of its residents.

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