FinTech Founders Video – Tools for Personal and Professional Growth

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Three industry leaders discuss key tools for personal and professional development in FinTech. Chantal Swainston, Jen Godderidge, and Nadia Edwards-Dashti share insights on diversity, financial inclusion, and innovation.

In a recent episode of FinTech Founders, Chantal Swainston, founder of The Heard, Jen Godderidge, CEO of ATMO Technologies, and Nadia Edwards-Dashti, co-founder of Harrington Starr Group, discussed essential tools for personal and professional development in the FinTech industry. The conversation focused on the importance of diversity, financial inclusion, and innovation in shaping the future of FinTech.

The Founders emphasized the need for mentorship, networking, and continuous learning to drive personal growth and success in the industry. Swainston highlighted the importance of building a supportive network of peers and mentors, while Godderidge spoke about the role of innovation in driving positive change in the industry. Edwards-Dashti emphasized the need for financial inclusion and diversity to ensure a more equitable and sustainable future for FinTech.

The conversation also touched on the challenges and opportunities facing founders in the industry, including the importance of staying adaptable and resilient in the face of rapid change. The Founders shared their insights on how to navigate the complexities of the FinTech landscape and drive meaningful impact through their work.

Overall, the discussion highlighted the key role that personal and professional development plays in shaping the future of FinTech, and the importance of building a diverse and inclusive industry for all individuals to thrive and succeed.

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