Fintech leader recruits former Stripe executive for expansion using unique language

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  • Mercury, a fintech providing “startup banking,” is expanding its engineering team.
  • Mercury has hired David Bai, a former Stripe and Opensea employee, to lead the expansion.

In response to Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse, Mercury, a San Francisco based fintech, is looking to grow its engineering contingent. To lead this expansion, the company has hired David Bai, a former director of engineering at Opensea and senior engineering manager at Stripe. Bai’s role will involve growing the engineering team, which currently has five open senior engineering roles across different sectors.

Mercury’s tech stack includes Haskell as its exclusive backend language, along with React, Nix, Aws, Swift, and Kotlin. The CTO, Max Tagher, praises Haskell’s powerful type system, which he finds more enjoyable to work with compared to Ruby. With a rapid growth trajectory, Mercury is offering competitive salaries for these engineering positions, exceeding $200k.

Overall, Bai’s appointment and the company’s tech stack reveal Mercury’s commitment to innovative and niche technologies in the fintech industry, positioning itself as a player to watch in the space.

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