Capstack Technologies: curing SVB ills, a tech revolution awaits you.

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  • Citi Ventures invests undisclosed sum in Capstack Technologies to help banks diversify and mitigate risk
  • Capstack offers a marketplace for commercial real estate loans with a focus on helping smaller banks manage risk and grow

Capstack Technologies, led by founder and CEO Michal Cieplinski, has developed a solution to the challenges faced by banks, particularly in light of the Silicon Valley Bank meltdown. Citi Ventures has shown faith in Capstack by investing an undisclosed sum in the company’s marketplace designed to help banks avoid overconcentration risks, especially in commercial real estate loans. This strategic investment from Citi Ventures, along with the formation of a distinguished advisory board and the addition of experienced executives from community and regional banks, demonstrates a significant milestone for Capstack Technologies.

Capstack’s success has been highlighted by a recent $6 million raise and a roster of impressive investors. The platform’s core offering is an integrated bank-to-bank loan marketplace that allows banks to increase profitability and mitigate risk through asset diversification. With Capstack, banks gain access to a secure and automated operating system that enables them to trade loans and access comprehensive loan data for more informed decision-making. Additionally, Capstack has assembled a strong advisory board and key staff members to steer the company towards its mission of revolutionizing banking technology for the community.

Michal Cieplinski’s background in fintech and banking uniquely positions him to understand and address the key challenges faced by financial institutions. Capstack’s solution aims to provide banks with the tools they need to diversify their loan portfolios, increase profitability, and enhance operational efficiencies. By offering a marketplace that facilitates loan trading and data access, Capstack is poised to reshape the way smaller banks manage risk and grow their businesses, ultimately creating new opportunities for collaboration within the financial services ecosystem.

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