Brazil minister suggests tax on super-rich at G20 meeting.

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Brazil’s finance minister proposed a global tax on the super-rich at a G20 meeting in Sao Paulo to combat tax evasion. This proposal aims to address the growing wealth gap, with countries potentially losing trillions in tax revenue due to tax havens. While there is growing global consensus on the issue, implementing such a tax may face challenges.


Brazil’s finance minister, Fernando Haddad, suggested at a G20 meeting in Sao Paulo the implementation of a global tax on the super-rich to address tax evasion and reduce inequalities. He emphasized the need for international cooperation to ensure that wealthy individuals contribute to society’s development.

This proposal comes in response to reports highlighting the loss of trillions in tax revenue globally due to tax havens and the low effective tax rates of billionaires. Scandals like the Panama Papers Leak and the Paradise Papers have shed light on rampant tax evasion, while the wealth gap has widened significantly during the pandemic.

Despite growing support for higher taxes on the wealthy, the political landscape remains challenging. While U.S. President Joe Biden has advocated for a billionaire minimum income tax, passing such legislation faces obstacles. However, there is a global push for stronger international tax cooperation, with the United Nations General Assembly endorsing efforts for inclusive and effective tax policies.

Haddad acknowledged that the path to implementing a global tax on the super-rich will face debate and differing opinions among countries. Brazil, under President Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva’s leadership, has prioritized issues affecting the developing world and aims to address environmental, social, and fiscal challenges in the G20 forum.

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