Student sues Harvard after $170K IRC removal, cites financial stress.

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Harvard undergraduate Theo J. Harper sued the Harvard International Relations Council after conducting a secret financial stress test by redirecting $170,000 without authorization, leading to his temporary removal from the group. The exercise revealed tensions within the IRC’s board of directors regarding financial management and transparency. Harper’s lawsuit alleges wrongful removal and demands compensation for emotional damages, while the IRC maintains that his actions were unauthorized. The case will be heard in court in April.

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In a surprising turn of events, Harvard undergraduate Theo J. Harper sued the Harvard International Relations Council after being temporarily removed from the group for redirecting $170,000 to an unofficial bank account as part of a secret financial stress test. The stress test was conducted by Harper without the knowledge or authorization of the IRC’s top leadership, sparking internal tension within the organization.

The financial stress test, carried out over seven weeks, aimed to expose vulnerabilities in the IRC’s financial security after a former president of the Harvard Undergraduate Foreign Policy Initiative redirected funds. The exercise led to Harper’s removal from the organization amidst allegations of unauthorized actions and lack of transparency.

Harper’s lawsuit against the IRC alleges emotional damages and demands compensation for his inability to participate in upcoming Model United Nations conferences. The case, set to be heard in court in April, raises questions about corporate expulsion rules and the organization’s handling of the situation.

While the IRC maintains that Harper’s actions were unauthorized, an external investigation into the matter has been conducted. The IRC plans to vote on Harper’s reinstatement as a general member in early March, denying any liability for the situation. The outcome of the case remains to be seen as the legal battle between Harper and the IRC unfolds.

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