Koch pulls funding from Haley.

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TLDR: Koch-backed group halts financial support for Haley

Americans for Prosperity Action, backed by Charles Koch, has decided to stop funding Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign after her defeat in early primary states, focusing instead on Senate and House races. Despite the shift in support, AFP still stands by Haley but recognizes challenges moving forward.

An advocacy organization supported by Charles Koch, Americans for Prosperity Action, has decided to halt financial support for Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign after her defeat in early primary states, redirecting their focus towards United States Senate and House races. The decision, conveyed in an internal email from AFP CEO Emily Seidel, is based on the challenges that lie ahead in the next primary states. While AFP still supports Haley and her dedication to the race, they believe their resources are better utilized in other campaigns.

The shift in funding comes after Haley’s loss in key primary states, including South Carolina. Despite this setback, the Haley campaign remains grateful for the support received from AFP and emphasizes their commitment to continue the fight for conservative values. With substantial grassroots contributions in the past 24 hours, the campaign expresses confidence in carrying forward with their mission.

As AFP redirects its focus to down-ballot races, the group aims to appeal to independent voters who may be reluctant to support Republican candidates aligned with former President Donald Trump. With a significant infrastructure in place, AFP had initially aimed to boost Haley’s campaign against Trump but has now pivoted their efforts.

While the exact amount spent by AFP on Haley’s campaign remains undisclosed, the group had raised over $70 million in funds, with contributions from Charles Koch and his nonprofit organizations. The shift in funding was first reported by Politico, heralding a new direction for AFP as they reallocate their resources towards other priority races.

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