Weirton Council strategizes future post Cleveland Cliffs mill shutdown.

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Weirton Council Planning Financial Future After Cleveland Cliffs Mill Closure


  • Weirton Council discussed financial planning after Cleveland Cliffs tin mill closure
  • Finance committee chairman proposed implementing a tiered financial condition status system

At the workshop, finance committee chairman, Fred Marsh, presented an idea to implement a tiered financial condition status system. This system will be based on the budget the council is working with and will have different tiers based on the financial condition. Council agreed to the system and the finance committee will work on it to present to council in 2025. The workshop also discussed improvements to Marland Heights Park, with a resolution to be voted on at the March 11 council meeting.

Following the Weirton Finance Committee special meeting, Weirton Council held an informational workshop to address the closure of the Cleveland Cliffs tin mill. Finance committee chairman, Fred Marsh, proposed the idea of a tiered financial condition status system to prepare for the financial impact of the closure. This system will provide guidelines for handling revenue fluctuations in the future.

Marsh highlighted the importance of being proactive in financial planning, stating, “I have been here for 17 years, and it has always been one of those moments where, ‘Hey guys, guess what? The revenue fell off. What are we going to do?’ But now there will be a system in place that says this is what you do.” This initiative aims to ensure the city is better prepared for unforeseen financial challenges.

In addition to financial planning, discussions also included potential improvements to Marland Heights Park. While no decisions were made during the workshop, a resolution is set to be voted on during the upcoming council meeting on March 11. The council is taking a proactive approach to address the financial impact of the mill closure and strategically plan for the city’s future.

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