West Fargo’s Finance Director position continues to see turnover.

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  • Heide Delorme resigned from her position as Finance Director with the City of West Fargo on Feb. 8, 2024.
  • In 2023, the city of West Fargo found utility billing errors resulting in a loss of at least $1.25 million in revenue.

Heide Delorme, the Finance Director of the City of West Fargo, resigned from her position on February 8, 2024, with her last day being February 22. This comes after the city found itself grappling with utility billing errors in 2023, where some properties were incorrectly charged, leading to a substantial loss of revenue for taxpayers. Delorme had just started in the position in mid-June before these billing errors were uncovered.

During a City Commission meeting, a resident called for transparency and accountability in handling the situation, questioning the city attorney’s actions and decisions. Several finance department employees were terminated after the billing errors were discovered, although city officials refrain from commenting on personnel matters.

A group called West Fargo TAP is encouraging residents to voice their concerns at City Commission meetings. Mayor Bernie Dardis expressed astonishment at the situation, emphasizing the need to rectify the financial mismanagement. Delorme’s resignation adds to the ongoing challenges faced by the City of West Fargo as they navigate through the aftermath of the billing errors.

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