Get organized: Missing info leads to payment delays.

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TLDR: Common Missing Items in Taxes Equal Delays

  • Missing W-2 or 1099 can cause delays in filing tax returns
  • Double-check for a missing or invalid Social Security number to prevent delays

James Angell, a Certified Public Accountant based in Willits, highlights common missing items that can cause delays in filing tax returns and receiving refunds. Missing W-2s or 1099s, a missing or invalid Social Security number, conflicts with claimed dependents, name mismatches, and missing supporting documentation for deductions are some of the key issues that can lead to delays. Failure to provide cost information for transactions, not reviewing and signing e-file approvals, and lack of explanation for certain tax forms can also hinder the filing process. By being aware of these commonly missed items, individuals can prepare themselves for a smoother tax filing experience.

It is important to ensure that all necessary documents and information are provided accurately to avoid delays in the tax filing process. Double-checking for missing items and making sure all forms are complete and signed can help expedite the process and prevent potential issues with the IRS matching program. By taking the time to review and organize their tax documents, individuals can streamline the filing process and increase the likelihood of receiving their refunds in a timely manner.

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