Late financial aid news frustrates students and parents in college.

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  • Delays in financial aid decisions are causing uncertainty for students and parents
  • The FAFSA form rollout was later than expected and has led to difficulties in submitting applications

Students and parents across the country are facing frustration and uncertainty as delays in financial aid decisions for college are causing them to put off important college decisions. The delays are due to a later-than-expected rollout of a revised Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, which is used by schools to compute financial aid eligibility.

The Education Department had promised a simpler application process and used a new formula to compute aid eligibility, but the form wasn’t ready in time for the typical release in October. This has led to difficulties in accessing and submitting the form, with some students and parents encountering errors in the application process.

Schools are now forced to adapt to the delays, with some moving their admissions deposit deadlines to allow more time for students to make informed decisions about their college choices. The Education Department is working to address the consequences of the delays by reducing verification requirements, sending federal experts to under-resourced schools, and providing technical assistance to non-profit groups.

Despite efforts to alleviate the issues, students like Jesus Noyola and Lorenzo Jaramillo are feeling stressed and uncertain about their financial aid situations. The delays are not only affecting individual students, but also having an impact on schools and disproportionately affecting underrepresented and vulnerable populations.

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