Top spots for Gen Z to own a home.

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A recent study by Point2 Homes has identified the top ten US cities where it is easiest for Gen Z to become homeowners. Factors such as home price-to-income ratio, median sale price difference, inventory, days on the market, homeownership rate, and unemployment rate were considered in the study. The cities that emerged as the best places for Gen Z to buy a home are Fort Wayne, Indiana; Corpus Christi, Texas; Detroit, Michigan; Laredo, Texas; Memphis, Tennessee; Lincoln, Nebraska; Durham, North Carolina; Fort Worth, Texas; Aurora, Colorado; and Scottsdale, Arizona. On the other hand, the cities where it is most difficult for Gen Z to become homeowners are Fremont, California; San Diego, California; Lexington, Kentucky; San Jose, California; Riverside, California; Los Angeles, California; Sacramento, California; Chula Vista, California; Richmond, Virginia; and Newark, New Jersey.

The study highlights that the South and the Midwest regions offer the most attainable homeownership opportunities for Gen Z, with relatively low home prices compared to their median income. Fort Wayne, Indiana, topped the list due to its favorable home price-to-income ratio and low Gen Z unemployment rate. Meanwhile, cities in California proved to be the most challenging for Gen Z buyers, with high home prices and limited housing inventory.

Overall, the study underscores the crucial role of location in determining the feasibility of homeownership for Gen Z individuals. While factors such as high mortgage rates, student loan debt, and job insecurity may pose challenges, choosing the right city can significantly improve their chances of achieving homeownership.

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