Adam Mitchell: Discovering His True Calling in the Banking World

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Adam Mitchell, president and CEO of Citizens Bank, had no intention of working in the banking industry until he was offered a job after attending a friend’s wedding with many bankers. However, banking ran in Mitchell’s family, and he saw a fit after realising his liking for both people and numbers. After working at Simmons Bank and Pulaski Bank, Mitchell joined Citizens Bank in 2018, climbing the corporate ladder after being offered the positions of president and chief planning officer. Throughout his career, Mitchell has experienced notable events such as the Great Recession, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the increasing interest rates that have defined recent time. Mitchell uses his skills in leadership and relationships to keep a level head during high-pressure situations while building trust and relationships with his team members. While he’s unsure about leaving a legacy, he hopes his presence will be felt through the care and respect he shares with others. Mitchell believes community banks can play an essential role in supporting consumers and businesses, given the continuous advancements in technology, and has steered Citizens Bank towards greater deposit, loan, and earnings growth.

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